Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Creative Space: Suki Kyoto Space Bear

This week I've been back working on the sewing machine, it's been a good! So here's my latest creation....

Meet Suki Kyoto Space Bear. Suki loves to time travel, eat ice-cream with chocolate brownie sauce, spending time with humans and getting scratches behind her space antenna ears.

Psssttt…it's a secret, but Suki has time travelled and come back, she predicts a world of floating marshmallows, space travelling machines and space bears as pets instead of doggies in 2020!

Name: Suki Kyoto Space Bear

Date Of Birth: 21 October, 9am sharp.

Height: 56 cm

Hobbies: Tme travelling, eating ice-cream and being pampered by her owner to say the least.

Occupation: Time Travelling, just for fun and to discover new little secrets she can share about the future!

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  1. haha! great one! i especially lobe skinny ;egs:-)

  2. 9am SHARP!! hehe... I am amazed that you can mix so many fabrics and end up with a beautiful result!!

    xo Steph

  3. Hiya!! Have you received your softie from the swap yet? Just updating the list. I LOVE this one - yours are all so sweet!!

  4. cute~ we love it
    please visit our blog