Monday, September 6, 2010

Rubi's Sisters Have Arrived!

So I did say I was making a batch of sisters for Rubi, well...taadahh...

Welcome Hannah Panda (in themiddle) and the other sibling (on the left) who will remain nameless for now because she's a gift for my colleague's daughter.

I decided to try using a different type and pattern of fur for Hannah, somehow she turned out looking a little panda-ish or a bit on the skunk side! I think I prefer a panda.

Hannah is suited up in a nice dress with suspenders and apple buttons. I love the patterns that were used for her shirt and skirt, somehow I was drawn to the colour blue when I created her and luckily I had a nice collection of blue pattern fabrics hidden away in my cupboard!

Nameless sibling has the same type of dress, however I used some little fluorescent butterfly buttons for her shirt, teamed up with lovely dotted red hearts for the buttons to hold her suspenders together. My colleague mentioned his daughter's favourite colour was purple so I tried to incorporate purple on every part of this softie. I hope she likes it!

Here is a picture of Hannah's cute black Mary Janes, they're so adorable!

So that is what I have been busy with lately, creating more furry girl softies. I think I will have a little break while I come up with some new ideas!


  1. oh, these mary janes are tooo cute! I love your toys-adorable and obviously made with real care. xKate

  2. Oh wow, these are just fabulous. Found you via Pardon my Chaos and the gorgeous softie she won. Love your choice of fabrics too!