Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My Creative Space: Need a Bag?

This week I decided to take a small time out from making softies to make something a little different. I decided to make a cute little carry bag. All I knew was that I wanted it to fit these three things:
  • be extremely colour
  • use various fabrics
  • strong and sturdy
So I came up with this design. I love pockets, the more the merrier I say! I used quilt batting in between the cotton fabric to provide a more thicker layer so when you carry it, it will feel like a real bag.

I love making these cute little pockets and the polka dot buttons are adorable!

As much as I love making softies, I have so many different ideas for other crafty things too. I recently brought a box of Derwent Artist pencils so I would love to make a pencil case to store my new drawing pencils next!

For more crafty inspirations, please visit Kootoyoo!


  1. The bag is absolutely adorable..I just love the creative mix of all your fabrics...

  2. Just lovely - and you used my fave fabric of all time - Birds on a Swing

  3. Because I can never, ever, no matter how hard I try, throw colour together like that, I'm loving yours...

  4. This is beautiful! The colours are stunning!

  5. So nice! You need to link up on the softie swap linky and send me an email with the details on the register page :-) Love you to join!