Saturday, August 7, 2010

Getting My Rhythm Back!

Ohhhh how good it is to be back. Apologies for being so low key in the last month or so, I have been extremely swamped with work, travelling back and forth on the plane every week with lack of access to my craft materials. I've been so deprived of my softie making time, but now I think I am starting to get the rhythm back.

I've invested in a small mini Elna which is tiny, so I can fit in my suitcase when I make the weekly flight from Melbourne to Sydney (back and forth), so hopefully I can start thinking up some more ideas and designs for the softies!

I've thought about coming up with a new project called "Project Girl". For as long as I can remember starting from a little kid, I've always loved dolls. My early fixations started with Cabbage Patch dolls, I finally got one when I was young which I cherished so much. I've been thinking for a long time that I would like to make a doll softie collection, but the ideas and eagerness never really cemented until now. I feel like I am ready to explore this world of dolls softies and bring some to life!

I have some ideas of what I want to do and of course before you think any further, it will involve colours because naturally, "I Love Colours!".

So just popping in to say "Hi" and that "With Luv Clementine" is still alive and kicking and more inspired than ever!


  1. Hien we received our 'little' mouse today... He is not so little Hun... He's huge and not at all what I was expecting at all...He is how ever o e extremely awesome mouse and there is enough of him to share with everyone in our family!! Welcome back to blog land land too... I have been a little absent too.. It happens. Xo Steph

  2. I am back... I blogged our newest handmade family member...

    Xo Steph

  3. I received my mousy yesterday. Thank you so much! I already blogged about him here ;)