Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Creative Space: Endless Experimentation

I haven't participated in Kirsty's My Creative Space for a while now, it's nice to be back playing again!

Lately I have been trying to explore and experiment with different types and patterns of fabrics. The more I play around I am beginning to find certain fabrics are better suited for different designs, this makes the whole fabric purchasing experience even more fun!

Some of the fabrics or materials I am loving right now are:

  • fur faux100%
  • hand dyed wool felt
  • lovely fabrics with lots of repetition. eg: bright polka dots, colours symmetrical lines and shapes
  • laces
  • colour buttons

This is a sneak peek at the materials I am currently experimenting with!

I am also enjoying waking up early to watch the sun rise!


  1. Hey beautiful, look at all the gorgeous things you have been making! I love the photo of you with all your smiley softies! Enjoy those sunrises, I"m too sleepy to get up that early..x

  2. Such vibrant little fabric swatches - good luck with your experimenting!

  3. Oh you are going to create some amazing softies no doubt....I love all the fabric you are playing with!

  4. Love the patterned fabrics!! They are so cute and bright!! I got my little mousie in the post this week, thank you so much!! He is adorable and receiving much love from my littlest boy :)

  5. a sunrise like that would inspire anyone to get crafting. love your fabrics