Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Creative Space

Last week I promised, so this week I'm delivering.

Sooo...did you guess what it was? drum roll...a cat? a dog? a teddy?'s a mouse!

Meet Macey the Mouse.
Bio: I love cheese, cheddar cheese, feta cheese, ricotta cheese, cheeseburgers, yumm!
Height: I'm big enough to cuddle!
Hobbies: I like to tease the occasional cat, meowwww...

I love creating softies, but the thing I love more is enjoying the excitement and expressions when someone receives one of my softies! The great thing about softies is that there's no right or wrong. For example: Macey can be green, yellow, brown, have orange ears and red arms, it doesn't matter how different she is, she is unique.

So getting down to the give away! This week I have four mouses (or mice) to give away, I am being a bit sneaky again because I want to keep the excitement mood alive! The four mouses are below, it's a sneak peek, once the winners have been chosen I'll post the finished mouses next week in my creative space. Normally I give all my softies names, but this time I am calling them Mouse 1 to 4 so I will leave the naming of the mouses to their new owners!




It's quite easy, leave a note to my post, you choose how much or little you want to write. I would like to know:
1. A little about who you are? I love meeting new fellow crafters!
2. Who you would like to receive the softie for? Don't be ashamed if it's for yourself, who said adults can't enjoy softies!
3. Which mouse you would like to receive.

I'll announce the winners next week in my creative space and then the mouses will be on their way to their new homes. If you know other people who love softies or mouses/mices, let them know so they can pop along and say 'hi' and have a bit of fun!

On another note, you can find more inspiring creative spaces at Kristy's.


  1. These are just too cute!! I love the looks of #4 so far...Would have to share it with my 5 month old. :)

  2. I love their eyes Hun. They look a little crazy just like us crafters...hehe.
    I think I like mouse #4 I am a very colorful crafter but lately the greasy and browns are showing themselves to me. We have a handmade softy collection so he would be a communal toy for our 5 person family making sure the 5th member named Dory who isn't a fish spots her from the back door... Hehe

    Xo Steph

  3. Oh I LOVE them all!!!! If I was lucky enough to win the giveaway then I would love Mouse No 1 and I'm certainly not ashamed to say that it would be for ME!!! I do a lot of crafting - for my two little girls, for the house and more recently for a market so it would be great to get something for me. What else about me? Softies are new to me but I sew most other things - although with all the crochet loveliness around in the other creative spaces I have just got my own hook out again this evening! Thanks for the chance of winning. x

  4. They are adorable!!! All of them! But I'd like to win the Mouse #3, for me! :)
    I'm Jana from Finland! I love all things handmade. And I'm a bead addict! ;)
    Thank you for this beautiful giveaway!

  5. I love the fabric combinations. It would be for me, but I hope I'd have someone to share it with soon. I do all sorts of crafts but right now I am into random patchwork. Mouse # 2 needs a home.

  6. You are so talented! I love mouse #1, and I think I would keep it for myself :) I would leep it in my living room so it could make me smile! So whimsical :)

    So happy to have found your blog through Color Me Katie!

    Please take a second to enter my new photography contest on my blog! It's totally free and you have a chance to win $1200 worth of pearls!

  7. Macey is so cute and I'm sure she will be in good company. Thanks for such a good and generous giveaway! I am a fellow creative type, I make jewellery using buttons! Come and visit me some time. I am having a Epic Sale on Sunday 20th @ 7pm

    I love Mouse 2, possibly a little girly but this mouse will be much loved by one of my little boys.

  8. they look great!!