Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My Creative Space

It's that time of the week again, welcome to My Creative Space. Soo, what did I do this week? I've been know as you do, on a little something...a little something special!

As much as I love to create and make, I love to give! This week I am working on a little surprise. I've been designing a new softie, I can only give you a sneak peek! Don't pull your hair out trying to figure out what it is, all will be revealed next week! AND I will be giving it away.

Stay tuned to this space to see what and how?

On the other front, I have been enjoying a few things this week, we'll actually 10 things!
1. I am overly excited that I stalked the Ticketek site to get my MUSE tickets, Dec 14th I can't wait!
2. I am so happy I discovered today that the Sri Lankan restaurant across the road to my work has the most yummiest fish buns! you must try fish buns! yumm go fish buns!
3. I feel quite guilty yet again after I indulged myself in a bunch of lovely new fabrics at the Spotlight 20% off fabrics sale, DWOH!
4. I am in love with my new "thinking" song. It's a song called 'Ten Thousand Lines' by Electric President.
5. I attended the Digital Life Expo last weekend, which is all about photography. I got to try out a Nikon 3S with a 300mm, 400mm, 500mm, 600mm lens! It was amazing! At one point I would have held about $15,000 of equipment in my hands, scary!
6. I'm sorry but I love sticky date pudding with vanilla ice-cream, it's official.
7. My mother is very interested in where all my softies have disappeared to. 'Mum, they've gone to a place where they will bring smiles to faces".
8. I love boots, is that the new trend for this season? because I see every women wearing them! I especially love my indie boot below!
9. I am more conscious of how much I have returned to my bad habit lately, bitting my nails, yuck!
10. I am currently in the city of Melbourne's annoying sibling, Sydney :)

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  1. The little peek looks marvellous. I'll look forward to seeing all of him next week.

  2. Awww looks super cute so far...

  3. So cute, especially the ears! And loving your list of ten things you are enjoying

  4. cute peek, yes, looking forward to seeing what comes about. Fab footsie shot!

  5. eek! is that a mouse? whatever it is it looks very cute. love your list

  6. I am curious what it is coing to be. It looks very cute!

    Bye Marieke