Friday, June 4, 2010

15 Things

So I've just realised, I've been posting stuff up for a while now, but you don't really know me. So let's get acquainted...

15 things I like, dislike, do and don't.

1. I love cupcakes, even though I sometimes find them too adorable to eat.
2. I like taking pictures of things up close where the background blurs and all you see is the subject, the real beauty.
3. I dislike flying, it makes me claustrophobic because I feel like I am losing my personal space.
4. I am in love with the Aussie band 'The Temper Trap'. I wished they would take me on tour with them, I don't mind being a groupie for a day or two…
5. I like making softies because I feel like it's a time where I get to be that 5 year old girl again who wished she had a cabbage patch doll when everyone else had one.
6. I don't like mean people, that goes without saying…
7. I wish i was 10-20 cms taller, then I can wear jeans that fit without alterations! argghh…
8. I'm sorry but I can watch 'The Notebook' over and over again 100 hundred times and never fall out of love with Ryan Gosling, I mean who can?
9. I believe the line "Don't Believe The Hype" should make a reappearance just for sake of the iPad…come on now, who wants a HUGE iPhone?10. I am mad about Modcloth, they have pretty dresses. I don't wear dresses much, I am such a tomboy, but I can't resist stalking their site every hour to see new pretty dresses.
11. I love my dogs, they are my babies until I have real babies. They don't judge me, they love unconditionally and most importantly the obey ;)
12. I dislike my short memory, it's so annoying…err sorry what were we talking about again?
13. If I could live the life of someone for a day it would be...drum roll please...taadah…Wynona Ryder in 'Little Women'. I still love that movie until this day.
14. I loved Sex and the City, but I don't know if I can stand watching the sequel to the movie. Carrie should have ended up with Aiden, not MR BIG! arrghh...
15. I can't believe I resorted to ebay last night to buy 'Passion Pit' concert tickets, that just shows how desperate I am..SOMETIMES!

So now that we're acquainted, feel free to leave a comment about 15 things about you. I would like to know who you are!

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