Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Work in Progress

I've had so many ideas racing through my mind lately but sometimes it's hard to digest them all and find time to actually construct them! Do you have the same problem?

Anyways, this is a sneak peek at two projects I am working on, it's work in progress....

Softies in motion. Giraffes cut and sewn, but haven't been feed with stuffing, so they're kind of hungry right now! I didn't want to spoil the surprise until they're actually finished, so I took the picture in black and white. Can you guess how wonderfully vibrant these Giraffes are going to turn out?

Hearts Galore. This is going to be a project in progress for a while, it's a big idea with big imaginations. Hmm...why would I need to cut out all these wonderful coloured love hearts? Stay tuned, it will be revealed eventually.


  1. Love the giraffes and your sneaky way of not revealing all :)...

  2. The giraffes are going to be so cute! Can't wait to see them in colour, although black and white ones would be very cute too!

  3. I like your giraffes! And you have me wondering about those hearts too, you little tease! Have a great day xo ps welcome to blogland!

  4. Those giraffes are so cute, even while hungry and a bit off colour LOL.

  5. Ooh those giraffes look gorgeous loping across their black and white landscape. Cant wait to see how they end up.