Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Creative Space

This week while I'm busy working on my softies, I decided to share my other love in My Creative Space...Photography.

I love looking at life through the lens, it gives you a different perspective on life and it captures those micro moments that you might miss out on when you are not looking carefully...

I love hearts, but I love my camera equally as much.

I love baking gingerbread, they're never discriminant, they come in all forms: man, woman and shapes.

I love making shapes in shadows, it's so liberating!

I love it when my shoe reflects a half moon, who would have thought my new boots had such power!

I love it when I find a cow stuck in a tree, it's not everday you find one of those.

I love it when flowermills float in the sky, this image makes me super happy whenever I look at it!

I love it when swans do more than just swim, float and thread water. They can create magic.

I love watching traffic pass by on half empty streets at night, their tail lights create enough light to explode Melbourne into space.

I love it when St. Kilda beach reminds me of Hawaii. A slice of tropicana even when you're right at home!

I love Champagne: bubbly, sweet and begging to be gulped down. Hmm...yumm!


  1. I LOOOVE all your loves!!! That shoe moon is magic. Am going outside first thing tomorrow morning to try and make one. :)

  2. OH they were terrific pics! Very cool! & reflective! Must remember the moon. My little boy in very intrigued by the moon at the moment. I however, am intrigued by cows in trees!