Monday, May 10, 2010

My Creative Space

Monkey business, monkey mind, monkey love...all I've been able to think about this week are monkeys!

Meet the latest edition to my family this week.

Name: Alfie and Paige.
Height: 25 cms.
Likes: hmm...bananas...yumm...banana splits, banana cake, banana bread, anything that remotely resembles a banana i'm there!
Bio: hmm...bananas...yumm...

I've also started working on some Lion designs. I've only stitched up their faces, it's still work in progress, once they're done these lions will be roaring from hunger!

More creative spaces can be found at Kristy's!


  1. these guys are too cute!! Well done :-)

  2. You've got some seriously cute animals here! Love the giraffes on your other post!!


  3. Just love you creative way!!! looks like something that should be in cartoons..ADORABLE

  4. LOVE those cross eyed lions and the monkeys are amazingly cute too!

  5. The lions are too cute. Love the one goggly eye. :D

    And I just want to skwuzzle (squeeze + cuddle) those monkeys. C.L.E.V.E.R.

  6. I love your monkey's and those lions are just the cutest ever!