Sunday, May 30, 2010

I Love Colours

Lately I've been drawn to colours, the brighter and more vibrant the better. Whenever I look at these flourescent bright colours I get a feeling like I want to make things and create something new.

My new motto is "Get Excited and Make Things"!

So I decided to combine my love for photography with colours.
This is how I was feeling this weekend....

I surrender...don't hold me guilty for loving colours.

Reflections: when colours intertwine, we are all equal.


Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Creative Space


This week I have been finishing off my mini Lions. Meet the latest additions to my ever growing family!

Name: Coral and Barney
Height: 25 cms
Likes: Human please?
Bio: I'm only a little lion....I love other softies, yummm....

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Naked Pole

So I've been eyeing this pole for a's located in Docklands, right by the habour.

WHY you may ask?

Well, for two reasons:
1. It looks so naked.
2. It kind of reminds me of a road with intersections.

So I finally decided to jazz it up a bit one afternoon...give it some life! All of a sudden all these animals started to appear!

Now doesn't that look more vibrant? I hope some kid enjoys the pole now....

Saturday, May 22, 2010

What a Great Day

This photo pretty much sums up my day…AWESOME!

I spent the day photographing people, objects and Art in Melbourne.

Most of my day was spent in Flinders lane and Hosier lane.

I absolutely heart Hosier lane, it's one of the most inspiring places in the heart of this city!

One guy watches the world pass by on Flinders lane.

I love Art in all forms, I especially love Street Art, there is no better form for freedom of expression then being able to live and breathe through your Art!

Yes, goodbye Juliet, see you in another year...

Cute B-boy doing what he does best, making Art!

I leave my mark behind on Hosier lane, dancer's pose.

I witnessed a guy run a marathon on stage in his underwear on Swanston St, right smack bang in the heart of city. Anything and Everything goes in Melbourne!

To top the day off, I found the best message ever!

What a great day!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Creative Space

This week while I'm busy working on my softies, I decided to share my other love in My Creative Space...Photography.

I love looking at life through the lens, it gives you a different perspective on life and it captures those micro moments that you might miss out on when you are not looking carefully...

I love hearts, but I love my camera equally as much.

I love baking gingerbread, they're never discriminant, they come in all forms: man, woman and shapes.

I love making shapes in shadows, it's so liberating!

I love it when my shoe reflects a half moon, who would have thought my new boots had such power!

I love it when I find a cow stuck in a tree, it's not everday you find one of those.

I love it when flowermills float in the sky, this image makes me super happy whenever I look at it!

I love it when swans do more than just swim, float and thread water. They can create magic.

I love watching traffic pass by on half empty streets at night, their tail lights create enough light to explode Melbourne into space.

I love it when St. Kilda beach reminds me of Hawaii. A slice of tropicana even when you're right at home!

I love Champagne: bubbly, sweet and begging to be gulped down. Hmm...yumm!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday Mornings

Monday mornings can be a bit hard to digest...a start of a new week, back to work, another manic monday!

I played this song this morning and it cheered me up straight away, gosh I love the Plain White T's!


With any song that I love, this song will be on continuous repeat today...

Saturday, May 15, 2010

On Repeat

I believe Music and Arts/Craft goes hand in hand. I often draw inspiration from music for my work and I definitely listen to music whether I am thinking of new designs or cutting up patterns.

I am a huge fan of MGMT and I love their original version of "Kids", but when I heard Ben Lee's version I fell in love with this song even more than I could imagine!

Here is Ben Lee's version, he takes a more calm approach to this song as oppose to MGMT's melodic beats. This song is on repeat over and over again when I am working....

Music is good...for the mind, soul and heart!

Monday, May 10, 2010

My Creative Space

Monkey business, monkey mind, monkey love...all I've been able to think about this week are monkeys!

Meet the latest edition to my family this week.

Name: Alfie and Paige.
Height: 25 cms.
Likes: hmm...bananas...yumm...banana splits, banana cake, banana bread, anything that remotely resembles a banana i'm there!
Bio: hmm...bananas...yumm...

I've also started working on some Lion designs. I've only stitched up their faces, it's still work in progress, once they're done these lions will be roaring from hunger!

More creative spaces can be found at Kristy's!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Mad About Giraffes

Last week I was crazy about Elephants, this week I am mad about Giraffes.
Meet the latest additions to the family. These little animals always makes me smile....

Name: Spike, Paige, Harrison and and Jade.
Height: 29 cm.
Hobbies: Munching on lettuce and leaves, acting like a celebrity while people snap pictures of me at the zoo.
Bio: I am tall so therefore I can see everything you do!

Ok, time to unleash the colours of the Giraffes...

Now doesn't those vibrant colours make you happy? I wish Giraffes came in all shades of the rainbow in real life!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Sketchbook Project

So I just heard about this brilliant concept called the Sketchbook Project which is run by Art Host Co-op.

Here is the concept:

- If you choose to participate, each artist is sent the same blank Moleskine Cahier sketchbook.

- There's two rules:

  • Rule 1: the book must be used in some way you can not send it back as an empty book or a different book to Art House Co-Op.
  • Rules 2: the sketchbook must stay within its original dimensions.

When submitted, each book will be given a barcode so they can be catalogued into The Brooklyn Art Library system. Once the books are catalogued, each artists will be able to track where on the tour their book is viewed and how many times someone pulled it from the shelf.

Here's a video from CNN highlighting the brilliant concept and why you should get involved.

The books will be toured in various libraries around the United States.

For more information on the Sketchbook Project, just click on the link.

So will you be participating and show the world your creative minds and skills? YES!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Flame Trees

This song "Flame Trees" was originally released by Cold Chisel in 1984, but I really love Sarah Blasko's cover of it.

It's one of my thinking songs....

Work in Progress

I've had so many ideas racing through my mind lately but sometimes it's hard to digest them all and find time to actually construct them! Do you have the same problem?

Anyways, this is a sneak peek at two projects I am working on, it's work in progress....

Softies in motion. Giraffes cut and sewn, but haven't been feed with stuffing, so they're kind of hungry right now! I didn't want to spoil the surprise until they're actually finished, so I took the picture in black and white. Can you guess how wonderfully vibrant these Giraffes are going to turn out?

Hearts Galore. This is going to be a project in progress for a while, it's a big idea with big imaginations. Hmm...why would I need to cut out all these wonderful coloured love hearts? Stay tuned, it will be revealed eventually.