Thursday, April 8, 2010

My Creative Space

It's been so good to have a four day weekend to relax, eat chocolates and let my imagination run wild again. Thank god for that!

With quite a bit of time on my hand, my mind started to wonder...

This is what I got up to this week, bringing some softies to life!

Meet Monty the Dog...he loves to eat schmackos and sleep all day, the life of a dog.

Meet Serraphina the Heavenly Angel...she listens to our prayers every night.

Meet Jezzabel the Bunny Girl...she's eclectic and carefree, living life as she sees it!

Meet Marjorie the Zorro Girl...she loves to fight crimes and bring justice to all!

Finally, this is what I've started to work on. It's a one-eyed monster, I've just finished cutting the patterns, hopefully it will be sewn, stuffed and completed next week. Stay tuned to this creative space to see the finished one-eyed monster come to life!


  1. Thank God for imagination AND chocolate!

  2. Hi Hien!! Love love love these and would love to feature them in a new magazine I am writing for. It would be for our premiere issue. Could you contact me? Thanks! I can be reached at pattitrue at