Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Doing it for the kids!

Hi, my name is Hien and I am a newly converted softie creator.

My story goes a little something like this...

A little over a month ago my sister had her first baby, a boy name Nathan. I became an aunty for the first time, YAH! This new status and experience has lead me to a brand new world of creativity that I had never known. With a baby or a child comes a world of creativity, imagination, colours and cuteness. I started looking on websites that I normally wouldn't go near, hoping to find inspiration of what to do and get for my new nephew.

I found an abundance of new discoveries, discovering the world of "Softies": handmade soft toys. I stumbled across two websites that blew me away with the amount of creativity that it was quite overwhelming. "One Red Robin" founded by Jhoanna Monte and "Melly and Me" founded by Melanie Hurlston and Rosalie Quinlan. These three ladies creating amazing softies, sisters doing it for themselves and others! I was so inspired I wanted to take on this new hobby and learn something new.

Everyone knows starting a new hobby requires a bit of motivation, when I thought beside Nathan who else could I share my new experience with? Then it clicked…."toys=children". I have always watched the Easter Good Friday Appeal on TV hoping I could do more than donate money and now my chance had come.

The Mission: To create a bunch of softies and donate it to the children who are the brave patients of the Royal Children Hospital for easter. These kids who are so brave, all fighting or overcoming their own illness and battles during a time when they should be celebrating.

I have a full-time job that revolves around being, breathing, doing and talking technical things, so this new hobby was a new stretch for me and consumed the little time I had left, or at least my life for a month!

Finally after a month, I had created 35 softies. I know that there are hundreds of kids at the hospital and that 35 softies would not be enough, however I can look on the positive: 35 children will be handed something on Good Friday that will put a smile on their faces!

Hello, this is the Gang, pleased to meet you!

The Reward: I dropped the softies off at Children Cancer Centre at the Royal Children's Hospital where I was able to share 35 smiles from these brave, happy children all fighting their battles with cancer. I can't not tell you how much it touched my heart, the staff were so happy and thankful, it was like an early christmas for them!

Lastly, I want to share with you the reason why I wanted to keep this mission a secret is…I did not want to put any expectations on myself. When we discover something new that we want to do, we and others can sometimes put expectations and pressure on ourselves to do it good, do it perfect or do it fast! This can make the experience less desirable and fun.

I feel very happy I attempted and completed this secret mission and I can't express enough the good feeling I have of doing something good for someone. It's a nice feeling, if you haven't done it before, give it a try, it's all worth it in the end! The gesture does not have to be big, it can be the tiniest thing in the world, but the reward can be leave you with the biggest effect.

Until I embark on another secret mission, cheers! Below are some more pics of the softies I made.

The Doggies: Milo, Buddy, Rufus, Georgie and Jess.

The Pandas: Sandy, Toby, Jacob, Mimi and Amanda.

The Giraffes: Jeffery, Ethan, Sophie, Jacqui and Lydia.

The Mice and Mushrooms: Madeline, Clementine, Mary and Mike.

The Bunnies: Jensen, Sarah and Maggie.

The Gnomes and Octopuses: Alison, Suzie, Gerald and Eddy.

The Cookie Monster, Piggy, Moustache Monster and Bird: Felix, Peter, Moose and Violet.

The Owls: Margie and Rory.

The Cats: Abigail and Robbie.

The Hippo: Henry


  1. OH MY GOODNESS! These are so cute. You're so creative!
    I love the hippo the best. :))

  2. They are the loveliest bunch! What a thoughtful person you are. I like the rabbits.