Sunday, July 24, 2011

Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Creative Space: Suki Kyoto Space Bear

This week I've been back working on the sewing machine, it's been a good! So here's my latest creation....

Meet Suki Kyoto Space Bear. Suki loves to time travel, eat ice-cream with chocolate brownie sauce, spending time with humans and getting scratches behind her space antenna ears.

Psssttt…it's a secret, but Suki has time travelled and come back, she predicts a world of floating marshmallows, space travelling machines and space bears as pets instead of doggies in 2020!

Name: Suki Kyoto Space Bear

Date Of Birth: 21 October, 9am sharp.

Height: 56 cm

Hobbies: Tme travelling, eating ice-cream and being pampered by her owner to say the least.

Occupation: Time Travelling, just for fun and to discover new little secrets she can share about the future!

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Meet Marcelo!

Finally got around to making some softies, it's been so busy lately trying to juggle work and different softie projects. I am currently working on my softie swap project for my swap partner Sandy. I can't give away too many details, as I want to keep it a surprise for her!

Anyway, it's time to meet Marcelo! Not sure what he is, I guess you can call him a monster of some sort! I'm starting to have a mini obsession with designing monsters, softies that just don't look so normal but are just as loveable! :)

Name: Marcelo "Monstruo" Gonzales

D.O.B: 15th October

Height: 56 cm, 74 cm (counting the ears standing up when Marcello is angry!)

Hobbies: Eating little creatures and just being scary, you know just the usual...scaring kids and anything smaller than myself...

Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Creative Space: Spring is here!

Since it's Spring now, I've started to dig up my floral prints and bright yellow and green fabrics. I've been looking through a few books to find inspiration here and there for some new designs. I'm now inspired to make some little bags with my floral prints, I haven't made little bags before, so this will be a new learning experience.

Here's some of my materials to play with!

Gorgeous Spring inspired pattens and colours.

Here's a close-up of the fabrics, aren't they beautiful? This is the reason why I have become a fabric addict!

This is one of my favourite prints right now, it's basically replicating being on a farm, it's like a story.

So I guess I'll get cracking and see what I come up with, hopefully I'll have something for the next Creative Space!

Friday, September 17, 2010

My Creative Space: Did Someone Say Catbitt?

Ohh so late with my Creative Space this week! ohh well better late then never!

This week I've been a bit sidetrack. I wanted to make a softie, but I didn't know what kind of softie I wanted to make, so I just got a whole lot of materials together and designed something on the spot. Not sure if it was a good idea, but this is how it turned out...

I don't even know what this softie is, initially I thought it could be a cat but then I decided to make really long ears for it so it kind of diverted from being a cat! I wanted to make long ears so that kids can grab onto the ears to hold the softie. That idea came from my nephew, where I gave him a monkey with a long tail and he kept on holding onto the tail to swing it around. I think it's crossed between a cat and a bunny :) That's the great thing about softies, there's no right or wrong as long as they're huggable and loved.

So please meet Kobe the Catbitt (cat combined with rabbit)!

Well that's in for me. I am currently working on making some pencil cases and huge huggable pillows, very different from softies so it will be a new learning curve for me :) Also in the pipeline, "With Luv Clementine" will be available on Etsy soon! Stay tunned!

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My Creative Space: Need a Bag?

This week I decided to take a small time out from making softies to make something a little different. I decided to make a cute little carry bag. All I knew was that I wanted it to fit these three things:
  • be extremely colour
  • use various fabrics
  • strong and sturdy
So I came up with this design. I love pockets, the more the merrier I say! I used quilt batting in between the cotton fabric to provide a more thicker layer so when you carry it, it will feel like a real bag.

I love making these cute little pockets and the polka dot buttons are adorable!

As much as I love making softies, I have so many different ideas for other crafty things too. I recently brought a box of Derwent Artist pencils so I would love to make a pencil case to store my new drawing pencils next!

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Monday, September 6, 2010

Rubi's Sisters Have Arrived!

So I did say I was making a batch of sisters for Rubi, well...taadahh...

Welcome Hannah Panda (in themiddle) and the other sibling (on the left) who will remain nameless for now because she's a gift for my colleague's daughter.

I decided to try using a different type and pattern of fur for Hannah, somehow she turned out looking a little panda-ish or a bit on the skunk side! I think I prefer a panda.

Hannah is suited up in a nice dress with suspenders and apple buttons. I love the patterns that were used for her shirt and skirt, somehow I was drawn to the colour blue when I created her and luckily I had a nice collection of blue pattern fabrics hidden away in my cupboard!

Nameless sibling has the same type of dress, however I used some little fluorescent butterfly buttons for her shirt, teamed up with lovely dotted red hearts for the buttons to hold her suspenders together. My colleague mentioned his daughter's favourite colour was purple so I tried to incorporate purple on every part of this softie. I hope she likes it!

Here is a picture of Hannah's cute black Mary Janes, they're so adorable!

So that is what I have been busy with lately, creating more furry girl softies. I think I will have a little break while I come up with some new ideas!